New home & building

Building design solutions for new homes and commercial projects in Geraldton. Make the most of the opportunity and avoid the design pitfalls by engaging with Geraldton based architectural building design specialist, Sunset Design & Drafting.

New two story home in GeraldtonNew home design in Kalbarri
Marc Stahli with hand crafted new home concept model

outside of the box building design

Achievable different

Marc's design experience can help you create a feasible new home or building that you can afford to build. An innovative architectural designer can turn cost related obstacles into inventive design opportunities and will also have a track record in producing accurate building cost estimates.

From idea to council approved plans

Planning a new home or building can be daunting. Marc Stahli at Sunset Design & Drafting will help you understand your design options and ultimately move ideas through to being feasible council approved plans.

Materials selection

Marc can help you select the most suitable building materials for the project.

Recent projects

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